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The Ipcress File Funeral in Berlin Billion Dollar Brain Bullet to Beijing Midnight in St Petersburg



Introduction to Harry Palmer


This is the (unofficial) Harry Palmer movie site. The Harry Palmer movies belong to the "serious spy movies". Len Deighton wrote the novels, but Harry Saltzman (who was also one of the the producers of James Bond) and his team created the name and movie character. "Harry Palmer is the thinking man's James Bond", they said... Michael Caine starred as the "clever Cockney", the spy who wasn't as glamorous as 007, but was certainly more realistic. The first three movies, The Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin and Billion Dollar Brain, were stylishly made by Saltzman and his team in the Sixties. Much later, two more were made in 1995, Bullet to Beijing and Midnight in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately these films missed everything that made their predecessors so successful, except for Michael Caine, who had become older but was still a superpersonality on screen.

These pages are about Harry Palmer and everything around the short phenomenon. Check the movie pages in the menu for posters, stills, lobbycards, radiocommercials, featurettes, trailers, deleted scenes, soundtracks and a lot more. For more general information about the Harry Palmer phenomena, read this article.These pages describe as much as there is available about the movies or give links to other pages. Thanks to Terry Hine, Mark Isaacs,, Peter Hegenbarth and Pim Bergkamp for their great contributions. In case you have material to add, please mail me.

new ** 9 Nov'14 Italian Ipcress bluray added here.2 Nov'14 Bullet to Beijing Italian dvd cover added here.19 Oct'14 Ipcress, Funeral and Billion $ Brain dvd&bluray covers added here, here and here! 11 Oct'14 New Funeral in Berlin location photos here. 27 Aug'14 New Blu-Rays! Region 2 UK Ipcress File and Region 1 Billion Dollar Brain. 10 Mar'14 Billion $ Brain dvd cover added here. 25 Feb'14 Very rare Michael Caine interview with Merv Griffin added here. 21 Feb'14 Very rare behind the scenes photos of Billion Dollar Brain AND production design sketch by Syd Cain here!!!18 Feb'14 Turkish videocover Ipcress added here.16 Feb'14 Ipcress dvd covers added here and Norwegian video cover here. Modern Ipcress poster here.10 Dec'13 New Billion $ Brain stills here.11 Apr'13 Two rare behind the scenes stills of Funeral in Berlin added here.25 Jan'13 Complete Harry Palmer collection released on dvd! Click here.9 Jan'13 B$B soundtrack composer Richard Rodney Bennett's obituary added here. ** new

Four Harry Palmer BluRays released! 
Updated 19 Oct 2014
The Ipcress File was re-released on Blu-Ray (region 2) twice and this time with more extras (UK)! Releasedate 28 July
French release contains a special French documentary.
  • Michael Caine is Harry Palmer - exclusive interview with Sir Michael Caine
  • The Design File - exclusive interview with production designer Sir Ken Adam
  • Commentary with director Sidney Furie and film editor Peter Hunt
  • Michael Caine Goes Stella comedy short
  • 1969 documentary: Candid Caine
  • Original theatrical trailer (HD), textless material (HD) and US radio commercials
  • Extensive image galleries (HD)
  • Commemorative booklet
Italian Ipcress Bluray has alternative cover. (second from the right)
Billion Dollar Brain BluRay and dvd  (region A) were released on 7 October 2014!

A very poor release, only the trailer (without original voice-over) as an extra. Watch it, only for region A!
(so thanks to the brilliant entertainment industry I can't watch it. Another effort to support illegal download sites)

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