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Deleted scenes in the Harry Palmer movies


From some promotional stills I can derive that there must have been, as in every movie, a lot of deleted scenes. Unfortunately I haven't got the original original scripts so it is all a bit of guesswork. In case you do have such a script or have a more vivid imagination, please let me know! KS

The Ipcress File

In the beginning of the movie you see Harry marking his favourite horses for the day in the newspaper (see also the newspaper in his hands) but it appears he also made the bet! I finally found a text which explains the photo! Text: "Michael Caine places a bet on a horse but being temporarily without money he gives Barbara Roscoe a charm bracelet as security."

This, of course, was the bracelet he finds in his bed during the opening credits. This girl must have had quite a role in the original script (see also next deleted scene) but I think all scenes with this actress have been deleted. Actress Barbara Roscoe is not mentioned in the credits. According to the Internet Movie Database she has done 13 movies. See also picture of her and next deleted scene below.

Barbara Roscoe

After Palmer has met Ross in the supermarket he makes a delicious meal for Courtney ("Do you always wear your glasses?"). In the original script he might have taken the girl from the bookmakers home and somehow/where Courtney must have scared her away, after which he cooks for Courtney instead of the other girl... . But, the credits also mention a 'charlady'. Could Palmer have a very good 'relation' with his charlady. See also the money in the picture on the right. Remember the words of Dalby who asks at what time his cleaning lady arrives in the morning... . To be continued!

Funeral in Berlin

These scenes were placed right before the set-up burglary of Samantha Steel's apartment. Harry calls Samantha that he can't make it for lunch but instead he offers dinner! I found a real rare photograph of them eating 'currywurst' together. So dinner was a real German curry-sausage!

I think this scene was placed just before Harry leaves the Berlin Hilton (after meeting Vulkan in the bar) and has the first encounter with Samantha Steel. The lady on the left is the one who says "I like Engeland" in the Hilton bar...

When Samantha has picked up Harry Palmer for the first time, she wants to have shower first and then promises to cook dinner for him. This dinner isn't in the movie but according to these stills the scene has been filmed...

Photos taken by Bob Milnes for S&S. These photos could imply that there was an alternative ending to Funeral in Berlin. See Michael Caine grab the gun of Eva Renzi. (Thanks to Brian Smith)

Brian Smith added: "I'm inclined to think that they played around with different ideas for this scene - in the book Harry Palmer distracts Hallam (or Vulkan in the film) by throwing a firecracker and in the film trailer a firecracker can be briefly seen going off..."

The still numbers (132/133) suggest that it was placed right after he forced Hallam into confessing he worked with Vulkan and the final rendez-vous near the wall. These pictures were probably just publicityshots because the glasses Michael Caine wears, are his own and not the Harry Palmerstyle glasses...

Probably not a deleted scene. As you can see Michael Caine wears his own glasses here, this was probably a pre-filming publicitystill. Marc Isaacs recalls to have seen this picture in a magazine before filming. Interesting photo though...

Billion Dollar Brain

A possible deleted scene...maybe before Harry arrives at the railwaystation after his flight in the small plane? See also the 'Behind the scenes' section. new

This scene, taken in Helsinki, must have been some extra shots of Harry arriving in Helsinki.

Bullet to Beijing

Sue Lloyd reprises in her role as Jean after 30 years in Bullet to Beijing (1995). She had played this role before in The Ipcress File. In Bullet To Beijing Harry Palmer refers to the good old days and they have a nice little rendez-vous. This last scene is NOT included in the shorter UK video and dvd version of Bullet To Beijing, only on the Canadian dvd version... See clip! new

Midnight in St.Petersburg

No info available.


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