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Midnight in St.Petersburg (1995) 


Director Doug Jackson
Written by Len Deighton

Harry Alan Towers

Harry Palmer Michael Caine
Nicolai Petrov Jason Connery
Tatania Tanya Jackson
Boris Vladimir Yeryomin
Hans Scheiber Vlasta Vrana
Craig Michael Sarrazin
Colonel Gradzky Lev Prygunov
Alex Michael Gambon
Louis John Dunn-Hill
Music by Rick Wakeman
Produced by John Dunning

Alexander Golutva

Andre Link

Edward Simons

Kent Walwin

For complete cast and crew information: IMDB Complete cast and crew

Length: 90/86 min.



Trailer of Midnight in St.Petersburg


USA, Australian , UK, Canadian,Italian and Japanese videocover



Canadian, South African, Finnish, Greek, Spanish, UK (plus boxcover), Greek, Australian, Hungarian, Japanese, German dvd covers new


Japanese laserdisc 

DVD info  (Canadian)

  • 90 mins

  • Dvd region free

  • Pan/scan

  • Scene selection

  • Released september 2001 (Canada)

Scandinavian dvd's also include a trailer.

Re-release Bullet to Beijing and Midnight in St.Petersburg

Although not the best Harry Palmer movies around, it is a great (cheap) way to catch up with the 90ies Palmers' Bullet to Beijing' and 'Midnight in St. Petersburg', all in one package. They used the Scandinavian design for the box. Retailprice around UKP 15.

Release date: 20 April 2009

Region: 2




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The producer and writer of Bullet to Beijing and Midnight in St. Petersburg, Harry Alan Towers (ps Peter Welbeck)  has passed away. He was 88. He was a legendary British producer of low-budget B movies and he had a long career in the film business. He was working on his autobiography when he died. n this clip is a very short fragmnt in which he talks about Bullet to Beijing and Midnight to St. Petersburg. Alan Towers/
(tip: Brian Smith)


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