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9 Mar.22 Info about remake The Ipcress File (trailer) was added here.

6 Mar'16 Two Bullet to Beijing promocards and Argentina videocover added here.

2 Mar'16 9 rare Italian Ipcress 'photobustas' added here.

22 Feb'22 Ipcress dvd and videocovers added here and here.

21 Feb'16 Funeral in Berlin, House of Ross film location found ! Click here!

18 Jul'15 New German Bullet to Beijing and Midnight dvd covers here and here.

29 Nov'14 Funeral in Berlin soundtrack rereleased on CD with extra never before released tracks! See here!

9 Nov'14 Italian Ipcress bluray added here 

2 Nov'14 Bullet to Beijing Italian dvd cover added here.

19 Oct'14 Ipcress, Funeral and Billion $ Brain dvd&bluray covers added here, here and here!

11 Oct'14 New Funeral in Berlin location photos here.

27 Aug'14 New Blu-Rays! Region 2 UK Ipcress File and 7 Oct Region 1 Billion Dollar Brain. See Home.

10 Mar'14 Billion $ Brain dvd cover added here.

25 Feb'14 Very rare Michael Caine interview with Merv Griffin added here.

21 Feb'14 Very rare behind the scenes photos of Billion Dollar Brain AND production design sketch by Syd Cain here.

18 Feb'14 Turkish videocover Ipcress added here.

16 Feb'14 Ipcress dvd covers added here and Norwegian video cover here. Modern Ipcress poster here.

10 Dec'13 New Billion $ Brain stills here.

11 Apr'13 Two rare behind the scenes stills of Funeral in Berlin added here.

16 Jan'13 Complete Harry Palmer collection released on dvd! Click here.

9 Jan'13 B$B soundtrack composer Richard Rodney Bennett's obituary added here.

16 Dec'12 Funeral in Berlin stills added here and here.

7 Dec '12 Midnight in St. Petersburg Laserdisc and dvd cover added here.

10 Nov '12 Very rare behind the scenes stills of Funeral in Berlin added here.

28 Aug'12 Funeral in Berlin soundtrack rereleased on CD: click here.

17 Jun'12 7 new Funeral in Berlin stills added here.

15 Jun'12 6 new Ipcress stills added here and behind the scene still here. Thanks to Peter Hegenbarth.

25 Mar'12 60ties interview added here.

24 Mar'12 Rare Billion $ Brain poster added here, Ipcress BluRay cover added here, rare Anjanette Comer photo added in Trivia.

11 Feb'12 Additions in 'other spy movies'!

14 Jan'12 Funeral in Berlin film locations updated! Click here.

7 Jan'12 Rare Anjanette Comer still and info added in Trivia section.

22 Dec'11 Ipcress dvd cover added here.

13 Nov'11 6 Funeral in Berlin stills added here.

29 Oct'11 Ipcress actress Sue lloyd passed away 20 October. 21 Sep'11, obituary here.

21 Sep'11 Page Eight added to the Palmerstyle movie section.

11 Sep'11 Eight new Ipcress stills added here and here.

10 Jul'11 Trivia added here; Bullet to Beijing trailer added here.

26 Jun'11 6 new dvd/video covers Bullet to Beijing/Midnight in St Petersburg here and here.

18 Jun'11 More Ipcress File locations, thanks to Kurt Meyer and Chris McLennan. Click here! Billion Dollar Brain dvd cover added here.

22 Feb'11 Two Ipcress dvd covers added here.

20 Feb'11 34 B$B stills added total, 14 more here and here.

11 Feb'11  20 Billion Dollar Brain stills added here, here and here.

31 Dec'10 Dutch Ipcress videocover added here.

27 Aug'10 More Berlin locations added, click here! New French Ipcress poster added here. Dutch B$B dvd cover added here.

7 Jul'10 Another Berlin location found, click here!

24 Apr'10 New rare  Funeral Anjanette Comer still added here.

11 Mar'10 Australian Ipcress BluRay cover added here.

1 Mar'10 More Berlin film locations added here!

13 Feb'10 Three rare Billion $ Brain stills added here plus deleted scene here.

29 Jan'10 Ipcress trade ad added here.

15 Jan'10 Another Berlin film location found (Thanks to Peter Hegenbarth), check here!

25 Dec'09 Rare Funeral in Berlin French lobbycards added here and Finland poster here.

17 Dec'09 Rare Danish Ipcress poster added here.

6 Dec'09 New Ipcress, Funeral and Billion film locations added here, here and here!

9 Nov'09 Liner notes and CD cover Billion Dollar Brain soundtrack added here.

2 Nov'09 Four Ipcress 'behind the scenes' stills added here.

27 Oct'09 Billion $ Brain soundtrack released on Cd. See here.

22 Oct'09 Ipcress rare ad and Italian video cover added here and here.

8 Oct'09 Deleted scenes on European Bullet to Beijing dvd added here.

5 Oct'09 Two movies added in the spy movie section here.

30 Sep'09 Malaysian Ipcress dvd cover added here plus Greek Bullet dvd cover here.

25 Sep'09 Spy Story now legally available, click here.

14 Sep'09 Obituary added here plus news about a new Palmer movie here.

7 Sep'09 Rare Norwegian Funeral videocover added here (thanks to Morten Sagen) and Greek Midnight dvd cover here.

24 Aug'09 Five rare Funeral in Berlin stills added here and here and behind the scenes shot added here.

16 Aug'09 Japanese Funeral in Berlin dvdcover added here.

1 Jul'09 Trivia added here.

18 Jun'09 Ipcress Japanese albumcover added here and B$B review added here.

 2 Jun'09 Japanese Ipcress poster added here.

20 May'09 Three Billion Dollar Brain behind the scenes photos added here.

3 May'09 Very rare Funeral in Berlin behind the scenes photos added here plus deleted scenes addition here. Ipcress dvdcover added here.

15 Apr'09 MTV link about 'new' Harry Palmer added here plus Bullet and Midnight dvdcovers added here and here.

 4 Apr'09 Eight rare Ipcress stills added here.

28 Mar'09 Dvd box Bullet to Being/Midnight added here. Japanese and UK Ipcress dvd covers added here.

8 Mar'09 Site completely refurbished.

21 Feb'09 Links added here plus movie added in the extra section here.

2 Feb'09 Funeral in Berlin 7'' single cover added here and Mexican lobby here.

17 Jan'09 Billion Dollar Brain official trailer added here

 10 Jan'09 Funeral in Berlin film locations updated plus new photos. Chez Nous club in Berlin closed down.Check here.

14 Dec'08 Rare Ipcress Premiere photo added here.

29 Nov'08 Funeral in Berlin behind the scenes still added here.

9 Nov'08 Two Funeral in Berlin dvdcovers added here.

6 Nov'08 The Ipcress File released on Blu-Ray disc! See here.

12 Oct'08 Rare Ipcress pressparty photos added in Behind the Scenes.

1 Oct'08 Ipcress UK release date added here.

25 Sep'08 Japanese videocovers added here, here and here. Link added here.

23 Aug'08 Very rare Funeral in Berlin trailer added here and below!!

20 Aug'08 Billion Dollar Brain score officially released on CD, see below and here.

15 Jul'08 Filmlocation 'house of Ross' in F.i.B. found in Putney... Click here.

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