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Links to other Harry Palmer sites

Wesley Britton's Spysite Dr. Britton's excellent article on Michael Caine's spy-movies. ***recommended

The Len Deighton TV + movie site John Tomlin's site about films and movies based on Len Deighton's books (including Harry Palmer) ***recommended

GIST Harry Palmer/Michael Caine profile Interview with Michael Caine about Harry Palmer-movies and special info about Bullet to Beijing by Len P. Feldman***recommended (copied from site since link is out of order) Michael Caine about Jude Law as the new Harry Palmer!

Quantum of Bond on Harry Palmer The French blog 'Quantum of Bond' compared James Bond scenes and actors with the Harry Palmer movies.

Contactmusic/WENN Michael Caine back as Harry Palmer?

More Harry Palmer links at the specific moviepages! Every movie has its own specific links, click on a movie in the menu.

Links to sites about Michael Caine

Information about Michael Caine The IMDB list of all his movies

The Citizen Caine Site A lot of nice stuff about Michael Caine, news, interviews and more

Michael's films and awards and other info From the site, very good info ***recommended

The Golden Years-Megastars-Caine A lot of stuff and links for Caine aficionados ! ***recommended

My Domain is Michael Caine A new site with a lot of posters.

Michael Caine .com - The Official Michael Caine Website

Michael Caine Interview on Guardian Unlimited Film Good interview with Barry Norman

Links to 'spy-related' sites

Double O Section One of the best and most up to date spymovie blogs I know! ***recommended

Kimberly Last's Spycorner What about all the other spies ?(look at her great 007 department) ***recommended

Spies of the Silver Screen Links to virtually every spy and other sleuths

The OpsRoom.Org -- Celebrating The Sandbaggers Television Show One of my favourite series***recommended Wesley Britton's spysite!

EuroSpy Forum A newsgroup with everything about Eurospy movies

Permission to Kill Another spymovie blog with great reviews

Spy Vibe  A great spy blog specialising on the style of spy movies

Links to Len Deighton sites

The Unofficial Len Deighton Home Page John Tomlin's site has everything about Len Deighton

The Deighton Dossier New and very promising site about Len Deighton ***recommended

Independent Online > Len Deighton All about the documentary 'The Truth about Len Deighton'

Links to other Sixties phenomena

About Classic Movies site Every Classic movie can be found here

Reel Streets - British Film Locations 1920's To 1980's They are good!

Harry Palmer related site ? Email me for a link!

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