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Soundtracks of the Harry Palmer movies


The Ipcress File (1965) by John Barry


Records - LP UK CBS (S)BPG 62530 / USA DECCA DL 79124/ Japan VIM 7236

Records - EP (from France as 'Danger Immediat' CBS EP 6207)

Records - single 1 'A Man Alone' UK CBS 201747 / US Columbia 4-43320 / IT CBS 1747 (P) single 2 'A Man Alone (jazz/latin)' DECCA 31815

Stereotape - reel to reel - DECCA

CD - MCA MVCM-22046 (Japanese)

CD - Movietrack Classics MTC 4644 (Czechia release 2002)

CD - Silva Screen Records FILMCD605 (UK release 29 Jul 2002) 21 tracks (+dialogue bits) and secret track

EP France CD Japan

Italy UK

  Dutch Japan


Argentina Stereotape CD Czechia

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1. Main title 1. A man alone
2. Alone in three-quarter time 2. If you're not clean-I'll kill you
3. Meeting with Grantby and fight 3. Alone blues
4. Jazz along alone 4. Goodbye Harry
5. The death of Carswell 5. Goodbye Harry (continuation)
6. A man alone 6. A man alone
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Funeral in Berlin (1966) by Konrad Elfers

LP CD Japan

CD USA     CD USA  new

Soundtrack was released in 1967.

Records - LP USA RCA VICTOR LOC - 1136 (mono) / RCA VICTOR LSO - 1136 (stereo)

Records - single 'Funeral in Berlin' (Main Theme) RCA VICTOR 47-9086; Japan - RCA Victor SS-1747

CD - RCA 74321781752 (Spanish release 2001)

CD - Soundtrack Classics B008B0ENG8 (Release USA 12 June 2012) 

CD - Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 296  (Release USA 2014) new

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Re-release Funeral in Berlin soundtrack on CD! 
Updated 29 Nov 2014
This new 2014 release includes never before released tracks (in bold). Read the promotional text:

Expanded original soundtrack by Konrad Elfers for second Harry Palmer film. German pianist/composer Konrad Elfers supplies sometimes intense, sometimes brooding score which anchors with memorable funeral march heard in many guises: brass-led, robust, subtle, dissonant, imposing. Entire score melds classical, jazz, modernistic technique into superb 1960's spy-flavored work of art. All tracks of original 1966 RCA stereo soundtrack album appear, newly mixed from 1/2" three-channel masters. Exciting, previously unreleased original pre-title sequence ("Berlin"), second version of "Tension Among Mortuary Men - Reprise") amongst cool extras.
Original album opening track ("Theme From Funeral In Berlin") performed by The Puppets starts CD as well. Insightful liner notes by Jeff Bond. Konrad Elfers conducts. 1. Theme From Funeral in Berlin (Instrumental: The Puppets) (1:53) 2. Funeral in Berlin (Main Theme) (2:43) 3. Palmer and Jane (1:46) 4. Checkpoint Charlie/Palmer Arrested (3:33) 5. Palmer Meets Samantha (2:19) 6. Skating Rendezvous at the Europa Centre (1:33) 7. Samantha - The Truce (0:59) 8. Tension Among Mortuary Men (1:41) 9. The Berlin Scene (1:20) 10. The Funeral (2:31) 11. Fate of Two Pawns (2:14) 12. Two Sides of the Wall (2:11) 13. Love in the Western Sector (2:59) 14. Hallam and Vulkan - Violence in the Western Sector (2:31) 15. Palmer Finds the Late Aaron (2:15) 16. Violence in the Eastern Sector (2:24) 17. Funeral in Berlin (Main Theme) - Reprise (1:11)

These are the extra tracks, never released before:
Extras:  18. Berlin (0:38) 19. Tension Among Mortuary Men - Reprise (2:17) 20. Landing/The Widow/The Documents (1:21) 21. Berlin Hilton (1:38)


1. Theme from 'Funeral in Berlin' (instr. by The Puppets) 1. The Funeral
2.'Funeral in Berlin' (Main Theme) 2. Fate of Two Pawns
3. Palmer and Jane 3. Two Sides of The Wall
4. Checkpoint Charlie; Palmer Arrested 4. Love in the Western Sector
5. Palmer Meets Samantha 5. Hallam and Vulkan-Violence in the Western Sector
6. Skating Rendezvous at the Europa Centre 6. Palmer Finds the Late Aaron
7. Samantha-The Truce 7. Violence in the Eastern Sector
8. Tension Among Mortuary Men 8. 'Funeral in Berlin' (Main Theme)-Reprise
9. The Berlin Scene  
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Billion Dollar Brain (1967) by Richard Rodney Bennett


French single FSM Box 3

Kritzerland release

Records - LP USA United Artists UAS 5174 (stereo)/ UAL 4174 (high fidelity) - later re-released as MCA 25091

Records - LP UK United Artists ULP.1183 (mono)/ SULP.1183 (stereo)

Records - single "Theme from Billion Dollar Brain" Norman Percival and his Orchestra -UK United Artists UP.1197

CD - Movietrack Classics MTC 4644 (Czechia release 2002 bootleg)

CD - Film Score Monthly FSMBOX03 - CD (7) Billion Dollar Brain together with the score of 'Shake hands with the Devil', part of MGM Soundtrack Treasury (20 scores), 1200 copies released, liner notes, -  (released 16 Aug'08)

CD - Kritzerland KR 20013-8 - together with score of The Final Option - 1000 copies - released November/December 2009

FSM liner notes Billion Dollar Brain

Kritzerland liner notes Billion Dollar Brain

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 Billion Dollar Brain soundtrack officially released on CD!

Previously available only as part of a very expensive limited edition box set called The MGM Soundtrack Treasury (that sold out quickly), the Billion Dollar Brain soundtrack is now available as a stand-alone release, for all who missed out on the box set or may not have even known about it.   This release has been newly remastered. Also on this Cd the soundtrack of the The Final Option by Roy Budd (Get Carter). Only 1000 copies available. Officially It will be released in december 2009, but delivery started in November'09. Cover art see above.

For more information: Kritzerland soundtracks

(thanks to Bob Engesser)


1. Billion Dollar Brain (Main Theme) 1. Panic in the Brain
2. Anya 2. Car Chase
3. The Church 3. Midwinter's Army
4. Skidoo 4. Anya
5. Ambush 5. Billion Dollar Brain (Reprise) (Main Theme)
6. Kaarna  
7. Russian Cavalry  
8. Love Scene  
9. Hoe Down  
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  • Listen to "Skidoo" in Real Audio, click here (150 kB)

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Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, who died 24 December 2012 at the age of 76, was one of Britain's leading film and television composers for most of the last 50 years.

He was nominated for the Academy Award three times – for Far From the Madding Crowd (1967), Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) and Murder on the Orient Express (1974) – but his more recent excusions into film included the popular Enchanted April (1991) and Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). He won a BAFTA for Orient Express and was nominated several more times for equally deserving scores including Equus (1977) and Yanks (1979).

Here are some quotes by Sir Richard Rodney Bennett on BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN during an interview at his Manhattan residence on December 17, 2001.

The complete profile and interview appeared in FILM SCOREMONTHLY.

"The main titles of BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN are of computer printouts about Harry Palmer. So you saw all these machine like happenings. I had recently seen Labaie des anges (BAY OF ANGELS) scored by Michel Legrand which is about gambling.He used a lot of piano keyboarding sounds, and so I did steal that idea, so the title music is three grand pianos playing in front of an orchestra. I did not use any instruments that sounded sympathetic like strings or flutes. I used alot of percussion, brass, and pianos, and this extraordinary French electronic instrument called a ondes martenot. It was a coloristic decision. I did not know John Barry's score, and BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN was kind of fun in that kind of way. You often get a cue for a film from a) something from in the film itself,and b) from somebody else's score..."

Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, interviewed by James Phillips, New York City, December 17, 2001.

Bullet to Beijing (1995)/ Midnight in St.Petersburg (1995) by Rick Wakeman

CD Filmtracks Records Ltd. - never released

End credits mention the existence of a soundtrack for Bullet To Beijing on CD(?), but this soundtrack has never been released. For both movies LMH Ltd. has the soundtrack rights.

This info about the soundtracks of Bullet and Midnight can be found on a site about Rick Wakeman (Rick Wakeman's Communications Centre). Most interesting stuff about making the soundtracks for Bullet and Midnight can be read below:

"What an amazing five months! It's almost impossible to know where to start, but we'll do our best.. Firstly the Michael Caine films. All the music was finally delivered in early April and "Bullet to Beijing" was premiered at the film festival in Cannes in May. This is due for major cinematic release a little later this year. The other film, which was made for television and entitled "Midnight in St Petersburg", has yet to be given a viewing spot although it is unlikely that it will be shown until at least three months after "Bullet to Beijing " has been shown.

Producing the music was not without it's difficulties and much was written before it was delivered to the satisfaction of the producers and directors. This is not an uncommon situation although there was a stage during the recording when Rick and Stuart were considering never to go to the cinema again! The final outcome was very pleasing though and Rick is very pleased with the music. His only regret is that he never got to meet Michael Caine!After all the keyboards and percussion were recorded in Rick's studio, the tapes were taken to CTS Studios in Wembley where a string section was added with arrangements done by Les Williams around Rick's original score. There has been talk of a soundtrack album to accompany the films but as yet nothing has been firmed up. (1995)

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