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Official synopsis The Ipcress File


Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) finds himself "drafted" into Intelligence. He has plenty of ability, rose to the rank of Sergeant in the Army. Now he's sinking again. Made a lot of money out of the German Army when he was stationed in Berlin. But he was caught. They insisted the Army make an example of him but Ross of Army Intelligence (Guy Doleman) steps in to save Palmer from jail. Palmer joins Army Intelligence reluctantly because Ross has practically blackmailed him. He is definitely anti-Ross.

Palmer is glad to be transferred to an other outfit-Dalby's (Nigel Green) Civil Intelligence. He is to replace an Agent who got killed guarding a scientist now on his way behind the Iron Curtain. Bright spot for Palmer is that he will be working with a shapely girl called Jean (Sue Lloyd). His first job is to help get back the scientist, Raven. The trail twists and turns and leads him finally to Bluejay, who is prepared to sell the scientist back, sound in wind and limb, for 25,000 pounds. Before the exchange, Palmer, on a hunch, orders police to raid a warehouse he suspects is the scientist-snatchers H.Q. The raid seems to be a flop for the building is deserted and empty. But it does yield one find: a length of recording tape marked Ipcress. When played the tape makes an incomprehensible horrifying noise.

The cash-for-scientist handover in the dark echoing recesses of the Hyde Park garage is a disaster for the impulsive Palmer for he shoots dead an "intruder" who, Dalby says, was an Ameri-can Security agent. Meanwhile, back at the Intelligence H.Q., another operator, Carswell, has begun to find a pattern in the "brain drain" of important scientists. When everyone else has decided that the tape means nothing, he quietly adds it to his growing file, which he now labels THE IPCRESS FILE. But when Carswell is shot in Palmer's car while waiting for a traffic light, Palmer reasons that the bullet was meant for him. A CIA man, Barney, has ben most unfriendly about Palmer's killing of the American Agent. Palmer does not fancy himself as a sitting duck. He goes to his flat and there finds Barney dead. Palmer realizes that he has been framed and asks Dalby for help. Palmer tells Dalby everything and goes on to voice his suspicion of Ross whom he believes to be a counter-espionage agent.

Dalby, whose hands are officially tied, can unofficially forget he has seen Palmer. That gives Palmer until his charwoman finds Barney's body to clear himself. He attempts to escape to the Continent. As the train pulls out of Victoria Station two men enter his compartment, seize him, drug him and when he comes to he is in a prison which he believes to be in Eastern Europe. There he is subjected to a highly concentrated and scientific "instant brainwashing" in which the Ipcress sound is an integral part. He escapes and finds that his "East Europe" prison is in the heart of London.

From a call box he telephones Dalby who tells him to contact Ross and then return to the "European" prison. He and Ross will join them there. When Palm er returns to the prison he finds it deserted and, clutching the pistol he had taken from one of the guards during his escape, he waits grimly for Ross and Dalby to arrive. When the two men do arrive Palmer holds them prisoner. The gun in his hand wavers from Dalby to Ross. He tells them that one of them is a double agent. As the drama is played out in the deserted prison one of the two men, realizing that the game is up, snatches a pistol from his pocket to fire at Palmer but Palmer fires first - the traitor is dead.


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